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Barbecue Smoking Wood from Yucaipa, California

Wood Chips

Treat your guests to a barbecue they’ll  never forget! Choose from 28 different varieties of fruit woods, hard woods, and various smoking woods!  You may also opt for a customized blend of wood chips.

Wood Planks

Enjoy the smoky flavor of wood planks in your choice of size and flavor. The average size of our wood planks is 6 x 12 to 6 x 14.

Wood Chunks

Put your smoker to good use with premium wood chunks in your choice of flavors. Our wood chunks are 2-3 inches in diameter and 2-3 inches in length.

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About Us

California Citrus Wood Chips By Franks Gourmet, based in Yucaipa, California, is your complete source for a wide variety of barbecue smoking wood, including wood chips, wood planks, and wood chunks. Choose your favorite flavor or opt for a customized blend to suit your tastes.

Unique Combinations

Create your own combination when you shop from our vast selection of fruit wood and hardwood barbecue products. Having a blend of all the best wood combinations gives your meal a distinctive flavor your guests will beg for again.

How It All Started

We started smoking meats with lemon wood, moved on to orange wood, and then started trying different combinations. Once our neighbors got a whiff of our barbecue, we knew we had something special and started attending shows, conventions, and Farmers' Markets to sell our barbecue products.

With 15 years of experience, you can place your full confidence in our ability to provide you with premium smoking wood. Best of all, we ship nationally so you can enjoy the same flavors we produce in Yucaipa!

15 Years of Experience!

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